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The University has produced several graduates since 1962 who form the KNUST Alumni Association (The Teknokrats). There is an Alumni Centre on KNUST campus which coordinates all Alumni activities and provides a point of call and an interface between the University and the alumni.

The association is organised through chapters. There are chapters in every region in Ghana. There are also chapters in the USA, Canada, UK and Australia. There are plans to inaugurate chapters in South Africa, Nigeria, Cameroon and the Gambia. Programmes organised by the chapters include seminars, workshops, lectures, fun games, tours, breakfast meetings, dinners and cocktail, etc. Teknokrats are found in the Municipal and District Assemblies in Ghana as planning officers, administrators, surveyors and architects. Many are found in the Research Institutions, Regulatory Agencies and the various Government Ministries and Departments as Research Scientists and Civil Servants. Many have also set up their own businesses and offer employment to several thousands.

Teknokrats- always make a difference. Be proud to be a member.

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Published: 12 December, 2014

8th Biennial Congress
Published: 10 August, 2014